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Hydraulic Trainer

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Hydraulic Trainers such as Hydraulic Trainer Basic, Electro Hydraulic Trainer, Transparent Hydraulic Components, Electro Hydraulic Trainer PLC Based and Hydraulic Trainer -Advanced.

Hydraulic Trainer Basic

hydraulics trainer kit

The hydraulics trainer kit should include all the hydraulic elements required for reproducing several. Hydraulics circuits, both simple and excellent. The training kit should be useful for allowing. practical experience for the students about the fundamentals of the hydraulic system, functioning of various hydraulic elements, different form circuits, design and purpose of a hydraulic system. SAP Engineers’ Hydraulic Trainer Kit supports trainees learn basic and advanced concepts of oil hydraulics and electro-hydraulics. We are a leading supplier and Manufacturer of Electro hydraulic trainer, hydraulic trainer kit, and industrial application trainer kit from Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmednagar, India.

both basic and advanced, design and purpose of valves, fundamental circuit diagram on practical purposes, hydraulic controls with pilot turned valves, hydraulic reservoirs, flow distributors, commissioning and support of hydraulic systems.

Based on new technologies and modern tools, we are interested in offering a wide range of Hydraulic Kit. These outcomes are rigid in state and offer hassle-free production with accurate outcomes.

We are offering a high-quality Hydraulic Trainer Kit. This series of hydraulic trainer kits are manufactured using premium quality raw cotton in compliance with the global quality norms to ensure its strength, corrosion resistance, and optimum condition.

The kit should be supportable with the textbook, studies with resolutions, transparencies videos, workbook with exercises, cutaway images, magnetic symbols, etc. The components should be competent of being positioned on a suitable Profile plate/Mounting. Board with channels for protected and flexible positioning so that the elements can be clamped firmly, quickly, and safely. The components supplied should be completed. All hydraulic elements should be with self-closing, quick connector, fastener clamping, and quick, plug-in locking method for Profile plate/Mounting Boards.

The trainer kit consists of a product outside, components, electrical and electronic control panel, power pack, associates, and storage space. It demonstrates the development and working of basic elements and helps the trainees in the design and building of hydraulic circuits.

User has the possibility of selecting any one of the various work surfaces. Hydraulic Trainer kit Consisting of Hydraulic matching segment, form plate Hydraulic Workstation should drawers, Hydraulic Components connected on outline plate in working Condition and cut part model of Hydraulic components.

Hydraulic Trainer Kit, each consisting of the resulting matching components and associates: Hydraulic Power pack with (1) external gear pump having a delivery rate of 2.5 lpm,(approx.) @ 1400 rpm working pressure 60 bar, linked to a single-phase AC motor (230 V AC) having start capacitor and/OFF switch and overload security, (2) pressure relief valve flexible from 0 60 bar, (3) oil reservoir 5 liters capacity should sight glass, drain screw, filter, and P and T ports.

Electro Hydraulic Trainer

Item Code: SAP38

Electro Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic Principle of Hydraulic Control System, basic and advanced hydraulic Control System Components & its applications using electronic Proximity position sensor & electro-mechanical actuators (solenoid valves).

Product Features

Transparent Hydraulic Components

Item Code: SAP-67

The setup consists of transparent body (or cut section) of the Hydraulic components which gives idea regarding the internal constructional features of the Hydraulic components.

Following components are included in the trainer:

Electro Hydraulic Trainer PLC Based

Item Code: SAP38B

PLC Based Electro Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic principle of Hydraulic Control System, Basic & Advanced Hydraulic Control System Components & their applications using PLC, electronic Proximity Position Sensor & Electro Mechanical Actuators (solenoid Valves).

Hydraulic Trainer -Advanced

Item Code: SAP-38A

Advanced Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic Principle of Hydraulic Control System, Hydraulic Control System Components & its applications. Along with components of Basic Hydraulic Trainer, it consists of additional components like Hydraulic Accumulator, Hydraulic Motor etc. It elaborates different typs of Hydraulic Circuits such as Meter-in Circuit, Meter-out Circuit, Bleed-off Circuit, Transverse and Feed Circuit, Pressure Sequence Valve etc.

Product Features

Advanced Customized Hydraulic Trainer

Item Code: SAP-38D-I

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Advanced Customized Electro Hydraulic Trainer (SAP–38D-EX)

Item Code: SAP-38D-EX

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