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PLC Trainer Kit

Over the years, we SAP Engineering & Consultants are the extensively involved as leading manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of PLC Trainer Kit. PLC Trainer Kit is exceptionally popular in the market for its top features. We manufacture PLC Trainer Kit at best price by making use of superior class material and technically advanced tools and technology. This is in accordance with the norms and guidelines defined by the market.

PLC Programming Trainer

  • PLC PROGRAMMING TRAINER KIT is a programmable controller that combines high performances inputs & outputs system with simulation tools for easy use for those who are introducing for the first time to the world of PLC.
  • The PCST-14A unit is a combination PLC and SCADA software.

PLC Trainer Advanced

PLC Application Modules

Item Code: PCST14

Application / Working Modules of PLC, which are optionally hooked up with PLC Programming Trainer Kit (PCS – 14) give an idea regarding the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers & its applications.

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Item Code: SAP-89

The PLC BASED SCADA SYSTEM TRAINER (PRODUCT CODE: SAP-89) outlines the principle of Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) used in Industrial Environment. The Static Application Panels provide an idea of different Process Plants. The Static Application Panels (SAPs) are mounted on M S Powder coated Frame and can be arranged in sequence as per the requirement. The SCADA Application software & an interfacing package, PLC-Controller based data logging facility give the overall idea regarding its application.

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