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Flow Control Trainer

The (flow) factor of Flow Control Trainer is controlled by microprocessor based digital controller which manipulates pneumatic control valve through I/P converter.

The control valve is fixed in water flow line. These blocks along with necessary piping are fitted on support housing planned for tabletop mounting. The controller can be joined to computer through Ethernet port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode.

Flow control trainer serves to display and teach the measurements and control of liquid flow processes.

Flow Control Trainer

Flow control trainer manufactured by SAP Engineers & Consultants is for understanding the necessary principles of flow control. The procedure consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. For flow sensing which measures differential pressure across orifice meter a DP transmitter is used.


  • User friendly
  • Leakage proof safety
  • strong piping
  • Improvised electrical safety consideration
  • Latest technology used
  • Accuracy in result
  • Extended service life
  • Smooth performance
  • Auto tuning
  • Stability analysis

Range of Experiments Flow Control Trainer can carry out:

  • Study of open loop (Manual control)
  • Gain knowledge of on/off controller
  • Gain knowledge of relative controller
  • Gain knowledge of fundamental controller
  • Gain knowledge of derivative controller
  • Gain knowledge of PID controller
  • Gain knowledge of (Open loop method)
  • Gain knowledge of (Closed loop method)
  • Gain knowledge of (Using Auto Tuning)


  • Gain knowledge of single loop PID
  • Gain knowledge of SCADA Application software
  • Digitized control of flow control system
  • Training and operation of PID controller
  • Supplementary systems
  • Configuration of MIC based controller
  • Gain knowledge of stability of flow control systems
  • Procedure and calibration of transmitter

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