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Industrial IoT Demonstration Plant

Industrial IOT Demonstration Plant

SAP Engineering believes in Process Automation Turn industrial automation into the profit engine of your business by having Industrial IOT Demonstration Plant.

From smart factories to connected farming, the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing new for those in the manufacturing sector.

Transform manufacturing with the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Industrial IoT Demonstration Plant provides solutions that have unique features and capabilities to meet the needs of companies within industrial verticals.

To kick-start your IoT strategy, we bring the relevant leaders and stakeholders together for an innovation workshop. Assist them understand the concepts and how other companies are applying these technologies to their environments. Suggest the value proposition for your enterprise, including potential opportunities that could arise. Begin with one or two pilot projects, for which business requirements are the highest and the data is most available.

Monitor Manufacturing Equipment

Improve your processes using industrial IoT. Utilize sensors and advanced analytics to predict needed maintenance, and reduce unplanned downtime cutting into production time.

Improve Field Service

Our Industrial IOT Demonstration Plant together with integrated software—are ready for smart manufacturing and can deliver new business opportunities for plants and machine builders, increasing profitability and productivity.

Technology And IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) can do much more than optimize machine assets. Here are six examples of how manufacturers are putting IoT to smart business use.

These six use cases represent practical, on-the-ground implementation of IoT using big data, analytics and automation technologies.

Manufacturers in view of how they may benefit from these advanced and interconnecting technologies will need to do the following:

  • Categorize the business value in specific use cases and prioritize against your budget limitations.
  • Think over on how you will control access to data and protect it from theft or misuse.
  • Choose which analytic solutions and data management systems will best attain your goals.
  • Employ system integration specialists to optimize a solution across different IT application landscapes.
  • Acquire the right skills to analyze the data and make recommendations.
  • Discover the right providers with the technical capabilities and domain subject matter expertise to assist and achieve your business objectives.

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