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PLC Based Scada Trainer

PLC Based Scada Trainer

The PLC Based Scada Trainer (PRODUCT CODE: SAP-89) outlines the principle of Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) used in Industrial Environment. The Static Application Panels provide an idea of different Process Plants. The Static Application Panels (SAPs) are mounted on M S Powder coated Frame and can be arranged in sequence as per the requirement. The SCADA Application software & an interfacing package, PLC-Controller based data logging facility give the overall idea regarding its application.


Our designed PLC based Scada Trainer KIT for basic learning of PLC for Engineering students, Engineering professionals and aspiring candidates.

It is fully customized product according to the requirement of the clients.

Scope of PLC Training Kit:

  • To learn a basic knowledge and applications on PLC.
  • To improve applicable capability of trainees at site.
  • To grasp the capability to make use of data link system between PLCs.
  • To grasp the capability to control analog signals.
  • To recognize how to configure RS 232C/RS 422/RS 485.
  • To grasp the capability to configure and operate a site monitoring & operation system.

Product Features:

  • Compact Ergonomic design.
  • User Friendly, Self Explanatory Systems.
  • Leak proof safety Measures, sturdy piping.
  • Enhanced electrical safety considerations.
  • Training Manuals & mimic Charts for Operation Ease.
  • System Frame with Caster Wheel Arrangement for ease in movement.
  • M.S. powder coated cubical plant with standard Instrument Mountings.
  • Inbuilt safety Measures to avoid improper usage.

Service Required:

Electrical supply of 1Φ 230V 50

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